Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's ok to call me reckless...

It's ok to call me reckless...

Good day!
Well I've been busy trying to get this site up from my Malay blog that I totally forgot to put a disclaimer at the top just like the one in the Malay blog, so there you go - sorry to be so reckless

I am still not a "huge" fan on topical steroids - neither are my friends and I do have a personal reason for doing so. But I think education and research is a very very important part when deciding personally what you should and should not do. I understand that each person's eczema is different and each person's management is different - there no 1 size fit all.

For me myself, I went to see an Immunologist instead of a Derm and got a totally new management all together. I don't mind being called reckless. Not many people (except for those in the AAE group) know me personally and how I have worked towards my own management.

I also have a few adult sufferers who aren't even having "a few patches" here and there. They are practically BURNING head to toe, red and raw. I dont have to say much. Just go to these websites to know.

Joey Brown's :

Kelly's blog:

Liz's blog:

and the others as well on the Google Group (!forum/cure-eczema-by-stopping-steroids )
However reckless can I be, it may seem that there are also doctors who are reckless as well..
Pediatricians who Prescribe Clotrimazole-Betamethasone Diproprionate (Lotrisone) often Utilize it in Inappropriate Settings Regardless of their Knowledge of the Drug's Potency
Divya Railan, Jill K. Wilson, Steven R. Feldman, and Alan B. Fleischer, Jr.
Dermatology Online Journal 8(2): 3

Department of Dermatology, Wake Forest University School of Medicinea

More and more mothers are saying "NO thank you - we dont need steroids" to their own doctors and derms on my group. In Malaysia we have a huge problem with the appropriate use of topical steroids that it is gone beyond what it is meant to do - the below baby was 1 months old and given "betamethasone". Photo was taken 5 months after.

So not telling you what you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do. I am just here to tell my story and those who understand my drift. 

Mimi 1st day off Topical Steroids
We were applying TS since she was 6 months old

90 days without Topical Steroid


  1. Wow the picture of the baby is so shocking. My mother in law was talking to a frind whose grandaughter was only a month old and they just started giving it steroid creams. This is awful. Really awful.

    You are doing a fantastic job publicising this. x

  2. Hi Farah,

    I completely agree with Louise - the image of the baby is so sad! I also think you are doing a fabulous job in highlighting this issue.

    I would also just like to add that Mimi's skin looks amazing! She is looking so healthy, happy and beautiful. :)



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