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MooGoo Nappy Balm - Healing Infections with Zinc Oxide

One of the many challenges of topical steroid withdrawal in eczema sufferers is secondary infection. Somehow the excessive itching or even severe dryness that cause cracking of skin has created lesions and ulcers. Most infected sights will typically look like these few photos below

It is noticed that there is reduced lipid (oily) layer of the skin of eczema sufferers when compared to other people. Lipid barrier aids in preventing excessive loss of moisture and when this is reduced it simply means water is lost more rapidly making the skin drier, bringing on chronic itching. Other than that, sweating and high changes of temperature can cause an eczema skin to get worst.

Extreme dryness,plastic feeling skin and insane itching is also a much common condition in Topical Steroid Withdrawal. The reason for this is because many forget that topical steroids too can cause a secondary eczema on top of the one you already have. There are many names of this condition (steroid eczema) but most commonly known as steroid induced rosacea.

The exacerbating of the skin that undergoes constant scratching and becomes opened wound infection believed to be caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium that is a member of the Firmicutes, and is frequently found in the human respiratory tract and on the skin. damage to the skin or other injury may allow the bacteria to overcome the natural protective mechanisms of the body, leading to infection.

Staphylococcal disease of the skin usually results in a localized collection of pus, known as an abscess, boil, or furuncle, depending upon the exact type of lesion that is present. The affected area may be red, swollen, and painful. Drainage or pus is common. When Staph is in the blood (bacteremia or sepsis), it can cause high fevers, chills, and low blood pressure.

In both cases we had recommended zinc oxide. It seems that from our reading, Topical creams containing zinc oxide are helpful for atopic eczema as well as wound healing.  Many skin conditions are related to zinc imbalances.  These include acne, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and other cases of dermatitis.  Zinc do help with wound healing, and helps give collagen and other tissues their elastic quality.  Zinc oxide ointment is a folk remedy for skin disorders.

This was also noted in the study "Studies on zinc in wound healing." Agren MS. Acta Derm Venereol Suppl (Stockh). 1990; 154:1-36.
The inflammatory reaction was diminished in zinc treated wounds except when a high zinc sulfate concentration was applied
The anti-bacterial mechanism of zinc oxide seemed to be more indirect and to be mediated via local defense systems rather than being directly toxic to the bacteria
When zinc is applied on wounds it not only corrects a local zinc deficit but also acts pharmacologically

Zinc does have a major role in wound healing. It has excellent anti-inflammatory and drying properties which means that bacteria has less grounds to bread on. Normally, it is also required in a variety of enzymatic and cellular activities, but becomes increased in demand during the wound healing process. By providing zinc ions to the wound, these type of creams appear to enhance the wound healing process and allow them to remain there for an extended time. In addition, Zinc oxide are also helpful in blocking irritants from in contact with skin, minimizing infection and promoting healing.

We have also advised our members to consume Probiotics to enhance their immune system to ward of the infection (probiotics helps to provide a much more balanced gut flora), to eat less complex carbs and low sugar diets during healing (since immune cells do not work efficiently when blood sugar levels are high) and to eat high anti oxidant foods from fruits and vegetables. Most members are already taking Olivenol Plus which contains a substance called Hydroxytyrosol that not only helps to promote the healing of wounds and skin conditions but has anti-inflammatory properties

Here are the results after using zinc oxide creams:

We would not think this would be the first time we had asked our group members to use the MooGoo Nappy Balm to help with these conditions. It has really worked in the past, but we never pin pointed or dig deeper into the science. Now that we have, we are extremely lucky that such natural and chemical free product is available at our expense. Our members continued to use the Nappy Balm for a few days (2-3) until wounds were no longer weepy and looked dry, then continues to use the MSM Soothing Cream that contains organic sulfur called Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane. Sulfur is needed for the proper synthesis of collagen. Collagen is what helps skin goes back to its original form.  We have also noted that some dermatologist have actually suggested the use of zinc oxide ointment and that the patient found the cream in the "diaper cream section". Well this does not come to our suprise :)

Caution :
Please ensure that you are not allergic to Zinc Oxide before trying this method.

MooGoo Nappy Balm can be purchase at this website

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Under My Skin Chapter 1

by Fujisawa Healthcare

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The Wonderful Olive Bar Experience : Soaps at Mabel ::: Savonnière

Owh gosh, sometimes I think this eczema that Mimi has is a blessing. I met Mabel on an online eczema support group in cyberspace, and she offered some bloggers  to test hand-made soaps that she made. Here is what she has to say about her products :
Chemical and additive free, each bar of our cold process soap is made from a variety of vegetable oils, milks, cosmetic clays, natural botanical and fruit ingredients. 
The colours used are derived from natural herbs and spices, making each bar closer to being 100% natural. Soaps are mildly scented using essential oils; any use of fragrances (the only synthetic item in my soaps) will be mentioned.
Soaps at Mabel ::: Savonnière are produced in small quantities and cut, stamped & wrapped by hand, making it truly a work of love

I have used the soap for a total of two days on Mimi and  on myself and definitely they are very moisturizing. Because not much ingredients are used to make it and  mostly Mimi are not allergic to them, then I think it i is also very appropriate for her skin.

My choice of soap is made from 75% olive oil with coconut oil and mango seed butterr. I could recalls the smell of soap that I've ever used at my grandmother's home in the village. Natural odor. My husband calls it the soap green chlorophyll hahaha. But I guess it was the best soap to be used because of its natural ingredients. The soap lathers pretty good and the bar stays on firm even during lathering which for me is good.

A little bit expensive for us in Malaysia, but if you want the best I think money is not a problem? For Malaysians who are in Europe, UK and France in particular I think this is the best choice if it is difficult to get other products like MooGoo and Buds. Visit the website at Mabel Savonnière Soaps when you have time, because there are many goods quality natural creams and soaps, suitable for children who have eczema.

If you are prone to allergies, patch test all natural products in a small area of ​​skin first to see if there is a reaction or not. Natural products are better for health in my opinion.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boy on TSW : he wants to awake from a coma and be done with this

Not trying to scare you but trying to make some of us THINK HARDER!!

His name is Z and he says "he wants to awake from a coma and be done with this"

This is his story from his mother :
Unfortunately, he has been on steroids since he was about 2 or 3 months of age. He will be 13 in May. I have always been searching for ways to handle his eczema better but have never come across anything about topical steroid addiction until last month. Reading Kelly's page and Dr. Rapaport's article was as if they had wrote itabout him. In fact, the night I found it, I could hardly sleep because for once, I finally had hope for him! Originally we did start out on low dose steroids... however they were steadily increased when they "weren't working anymore." For the past couple of years I have been telling the derms that we need to quit putting bandaids on the situation and figure out what is really going on... that it continues to get worse even though they are using the strongest steroids out there (Z recently had another three week round of prednisone and was on clobetasol- the strongest ointment out there). The derms said that sometimes eczema changes course as they start getting close to puberty and that could be why he had eczema all over his body- especially his rear end, thighs and face. Finally they suggested that maybe it was time to go over the hill to UCSF or to a derm in Oregon. Believe me, I am sick about what he is going through. I always knew there had to be something more to it than him just hitting puberty as we are such sticklers on everything we do to control it (removal of carpet, air purifiers, humidifiers, showers nightly, creams/lotions, restrictions of friend's houses he could go to, allergy shots, etc) that I knew we were missing something because it just kept getting worse. I just thank God that I finally found Kelly's website... wish I would have found it years earlier, and will do all that I can to help others out there in similar situations find out about this sooner than we did. Again, thanks for the support everyone. The damage that steroids cause is truly a crime and needs to be stopped!

It's ok to call me reckless...

It's ok to call me reckless...

Good day!
Well I've been busy trying to get this site up from my Malay blog that I totally forgot to put a disclaimer at the top just like the one in the Malay blog, so there you go - sorry to be so reckless

I am still not a "huge" fan on topical steroids - neither are my friends and I do have a personal reason for doing so. But I think education and research is a very very important part when deciding personally what you should and should not do. I understand that each person's eczema is different and each person's management is different - there no 1 size fit all.

For me myself, I went to see an Immunologist instead of a Derm and got a totally new management all together. I don't mind being called reckless. Not many people (except for those in the AAE group) know me personally and how I have worked towards my own management.

I also have a few adult sufferers who aren't even having "a few patches" here and there. They are practically BURNING head to toe, red and raw. I dont have to say much. Just go to these websites to know.

Joey Brown's :

Kelly's blog:

Liz's blog:

and the others as well on the Google Group (!forum/cure-eczema-by-stopping-steroids )
However reckless can I be, it may seem that there are also doctors who are reckless as well..
Pediatricians who Prescribe Clotrimazole-Betamethasone Diproprionate (Lotrisone) often Utilize it in Inappropriate Settings Regardless of their Knowledge of the Drug's Potency
Divya Railan, Jill K. Wilson, Steven R. Feldman, and Alan B. Fleischer, Jr.
Dermatology Online Journal 8(2): 3

Department of Dermatology, Wake Forest University School of Medicinea

More and more mothers are saying "NO thank you - we dont need steroids" to their own doctors and derms on my group. In Malaysia we have a huge problem with the appropriate use of topical steroids that it is gone beyond what it is meant to do - the below baby was 1 months old and given "betamethasone". Photo was taken 5 months after.

So not telling you what you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do. I am just here to tell my story and those who understand my drift. 

Mimi 1st day off Topical Steroids
We were applying TS since she was 6 months old

90 days without Topical Steroid

Bamboo Bubby now available in Malaysia & Singapore

Bamboo Bubby Bags can not only relieve the severity of infant and toddler eczema flare ups, but its unique design provides ultimate comfort and value.
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Anicia also runs a great Facebook Group called Babies Itch free Just skin deep away which you can ask to join to ask or read advice from other parents about your child's eczema issues.

Allow skin to heal

Allow skin to heal

The Bamboo Bubby Bag™ is the ideal product for healing baby eczema and breaking the itch-scratch cycle which is one of the most distressing factors for both you and your baby or child with eczema.
It's enclosed sleeve design and beautifully soft fabric will stop your baby from scratching during sleep times (or in the pram or car when it is also difficult to minimise scratching) allowing much needed healing to occur.
One size saves money

One size saves $$

Clever design grows with your baby
There are so many expenses when you have a baby, the last thing you need is to have to continually upgrade the sleeping bags as your baby grows – and they grow so quickly!
The Bamboo Bubby Bag™ is an innovative design with adjustable sleeves allowing it to fit your baby throughout their entire first 2+ years.
Use in all seasons

Use in all seasons

Made of extra soft 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton interlock fabric, which along with many other benefits to sensitive skin, also consists of fibres that expand when warm to let skin breathe, and contract when cool to trap heat close to the body.
It will not only keep your baby's body temperature regulated and prevent additional itching from overheating but also keep them warm in the colder months.
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