Monday, July 2, 2012

The Wonderful Olive Bar Experience : Soaps at Mabel ::: Savonnière

Owh gosh, sometimes I think this eczema that Mimi has is a blessing. I met Mabel on an online eczema support group in cyberspace, and she offered some bloggers  to test hand-made soaps that she made. Here is what she has to say about her products :
Chemical and additive free, each bar of our cold process soap is made from a variety of vegetable oils, milks, cosmetic clays, natural botanical and fruit ingredients. 
The colours used are derived from natural herbs and spices, making each bar closer to being 100% natural. Soaps are mildly scented using essential oils; any use of fragrances (the only synthetic item in my soaps) will be mentioned.
Soaps at Mabel ::: Savonnière are produced in small quantities and cut, stamped & wrapped by hand, making it truly a work of love

I have used the soap for a total of two days on Mimi and  on myself and definitely they are very moisturizing. Because not much ingredients are used to make it and  mostly Mimi are not allergic to them, then I think it i is also very appropriate for her skin.

My choice of soap is made from 75% olive oil with coconut oil and mango seed butterr. I could recalls the smell of soap that I've ever used at my grandmother's home in the village. Natural odor. My husband calls it the soap green chlorophyll hahaha. But I guess it was the best soap to be used because of its natural ingredients. The soap lathers pretty good and the bar stays on firm even during lathering which for me is good.

A little bit expensive for us in Malaysia, but if you want the best I think money is not a problem? For Malaysians who are in Europe, UK and France in particular I think this is the best choice if it is difficult to get other products like MooGoo and Buds. Visit the website at Mabel Savonnière Soaps when you have time, because there are many goods quality natural creams and soaps, suitable for children who have eczema.

If you are prone to allergies, patch test all natural products in a small area of ​​skin first to see if there is a reaction or not. Natural products are better for health in my opinion.


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